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Limited Time – Beasts of Daniel Surfacing Seminar – See it FREE online!

Just enroll now as a free member at Tsiyon.Net. Once you have enrolled as a free member at Tsiyon.Net you can see the Daniel Seminar there just as you saw the Remnant Exodus Seminar here.

Would you prefer to have your own DVD Set of the Beasts of Daniel Surfacing Seminar? Here is a special offer for you!

Daniel Seminar DVD SetBeasts of Daniel Surfacing 8 DVD Set Now Available!

We presented this Beasts of Daniel Surfacing  Seminar live over 8 days of Succot 2015. It is a major video presentation which explains what is going on in the world around us right now from the standpoint of the Book of Daniel – and it forecasts where we are going. Viewers have called it “incredible” and “amazing”.

The Beasts of Daniel Surfacing Seminar is now available as a professional level production in a huge 8 DVD set. See the entire seminar, with extra content, optimized and enhanced for viewing using your DVD player, right on your TV!

Order by CC or PayPal:

Here’s How to Order by Postal Mail:

Receive your Beasts of Daniel Surfacing 8 DVD Set packaged in its own shrink-wrapped 8 DVD case with full color cover as shown. Suggested Donation for Beasts of Daniel Surfacing 8 DVD Set: $144 For this event $80 US, plus shipping and handling.  To get yours send your donation, including enough for shipping and handling to your country, to:

Tsiyon  [Please make offering checks to: “Tsiyon”]

5701 W Slaughter LN

Austin, TX, USA, 78749

Be sure to include your legible shipping address, your email address, and ask for the Beasts of Daniel Surfacing 8 DVD Set. Your comments on our seminar are also appreciated. Thank you for your order!

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